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CTI: Cycle Time Improvement. Academic & Science » Electronics. Rate it: CTI: Customer Transaction Intelligence. Miscellaneous » Unclassified. Rate it: CTI: Columbus Technical Institute. Academic & Science » Universities. Rate it: CTI: Customer Trade Indicator. Business » International Business. Rate it: CTI: Compucentre Toronto, Incorporated. Business » Companies & Firms. Rate it The Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) is used to measure the electrical breakdown (tracking) properties of an insulating material. Tracking is an electrical breakdown on the surface of an insulating material wherein an initial exposure to electrical arcing heat carbonizes the material Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a neurodegenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head. The encephalopathy symptoms can include behavioral problems, mood problems, and problems with thinking. The disease often gets worse over time and can result in dementia. It is unclear if the risk of suicide is altered. Most documented cases have occurred in athletes involved in striking.

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Die Kriechstromfestigkeit wird mit dem CTI-Wert (englisch Comparative Tracking Index) bestimmt und mit dem PTI-Wert (englisch Proof Tracking Index) geprüft.Der CTI-Wert sagt aus, bis zu welcher Spannung, gemessen in Volt, das Basismaterial kein Tracking (Basismaterial wird unter Spannung leitfähig) zeigt, wenn 50 Tropfen genormter Elektrolytlösungen (A oder B, dementsprechend KA- oder KB. The Hospice Medicare CTI Audit Tool allows Hospice providers to audit the certification of terminal illness for all technical requirements. The Hospice Medicare Election Audit Tool allows Hospice providers to audit the Medicare election statement for all technical requirements CTI is the right partner for the task. CTI follows strict healthcare compliance for all of its processes. Whether it's abstracting sensitive patient health information from medical charts, doctor credentialing or request of information, CTI is HIPAA compliant and follows SOC certified guidelines to ensure the safety of your data. We stay compliant so you can stay compliant CTI: The Comparative. Tracking Index Test. The Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) is the maximum voltage, measured in volts, at which a material withstands 50 drops of contaminated water without tracking. Tracking is defined as the formation of conductive paths due to electrical stress, humidity, and contamination

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Charlotte Teachers Institute. Discovery, Education, Place. CTI. College Teaching Interns. Punjab, Education, Pakistan. CTI. Computers in Teaching Initiative. Education, Computing, Technology. Discovery, Education, Place CTI synonyms, CTI pronunciation, CTI translation, English dictionary definition of CTI. IP telephony. Translations. English: IP telephony n IP-Telefonie f, Internettelefonie f. German / Deutsch: IP-Telefonie CTI (USN Rating) Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) CTI: Command Technology Issue: CTI: Command and Telemetry Interface: CTI: California Transportation Plan: CTI: Centro de Terapias Infantiles (Spanish: Children's Therapy Center) CTI: California Technological Institute (aka CalTech) CTI: Contribution from Taxable Income (student financial aid) CTI

The mean depth was greater during atrial contraction than in mid‐systole and mid‐diastole. A subthebesian recess greater than 5‐mm deep was identified in 45% of patients. A thick Eustachian ridge greater than 4 mm was seen in 24% of patients. A pre‐ablation magnetic resonance imaging study showed that the mean CTI length was 38.6 ± 7.8 mm I'm looking for the meaning of CTI? The abbreviation CTI (French) means Conseil des Here's a list of examples and english translations for CTI Government & Military (1) Medicine & Science (1) Chat & Sub Cultures (1) Education Schools. Technology, IT etc. (1) Rank. Abbreviation. Meaning. *****. COTI. Coreopsis tinctoria CTI enables call center representatives to easily manage phone calls from their computers. Beyond answering and making phone calls, CTI enables call center agents to take a data-driven approach with customer service needs. With unified information and advanced controls available at their fingertips, agents are able to have more productive, meaningful conversations and reach solutions quicker. Computer Telephony Integration. Computer Telephony Integration, auch bekannt als Rechner-Telefonie-Integration oder CTI, ist eine allgemeine Bezeichnung für jede Technologie, die die Integration und Koordination von Interaktionen über Telefon und Computer ermöglicht. Der Begriff wird vorwiegend verwendet, um Desktop-basierte Interaktion zu.

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a fancy acronym that simply means the Avaya IP 500 phone system can talk to, and interact with, external computer applications. On the Avaya IP Office, CTI is delivered through adherence to open Microsoft TAPI standards Qualify for a Medical Assistant Job How to Become a Medical Assistant. Career Technical Institute (CTI) can help you become a Medical Assistant. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Medical Assistant jobs are projected to grow, offering a future full of opportunity. Plus, working with doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver supportive care to patients can mean living a rewarding and fulfilling life Clinical Trial & Consulting Headquarters 100 E. RiverCenter Blvd. Covington, KY 41011 Main Phone: +1.513.598.9290. Main Fax: +1.859.261.375

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  1. CTI has invested many years in successfully building the Co-Active All pricing structures are pay as you go, meaning you never pay for a course you don't take. That is why we always recommend people purchase a full training package: you save the most money and there is no risk if you cancel. Otherwise, you can take Co-Active Fundamentals first and purchase a training package for.
  2. g a Medical Office Professional could mean having a career and future filled with growth, stability and security. At Career Technical Institute (CTI), you will get the knowledge and medical office training you need to become a qualified candidate to get the job you're looking for. The medical office program at CTI offers a mixture of classroom and hands-on training, with both day and evening classes available
  3. ation of creatine kinase-MB and myoglobin with the consensus statement that cTnI and cTnT are the biomarkers of choice for the diagnosis of acute MI and risk-outcomes.
  4. The Co-Active Training Institute (formerly the Coaches Training Institute) believes everyone is continually moving on a journey of transformation. Founded as the Coaches Training Institute, for over 25 years, CTI has used the paradigm of coach training to support humanity on that journey. We have now chosen the paradigm of leadership development as our bes
  5. ology and CTI has 9 different meaning. All meanings which belong to CTI abbreviation are take part only within Medical ter
  6. Catheter ablation of the CTI is reasonable in patients undergoing catheter ablation of AF who also have a history of documented clinical or induced CTI-dependent atrial flutter. Explanation The indications for catheter ablation of AF are discussed in the 2014 AF guideline (10)

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  1. CTI: Castle Transmission International LTD: CTI: Category, Type, Item : CTI: Central Tire Inflation : CTI: Central Toll Investigation: CTI: Centralized Ticket Investigation: CTI: Centralized Training Institute : CTI: Centre de Techniques Internationales : CTI: Centre de Traitement de l'Information : CTI: Centres Techniques Industriels : CTI: Ceramic Tile Installer: CTI
  2. (i) The medical director of the hospice or the physician member of the hospice interdisciplinary group; and (ii) The individual's attending physician , if the individual has an attending physician
  3. Clinical Technology Inc. (CTI) is a leading specialty distributor of medical products in the mid-western region of the United States. Today, CTI operates directly in thirteen states, is part of a national distribution alliance, and serves as master distributor capable of providing sales and distribution throughout the country
  4. Language. Watch. Edit. Punch drunk redirects here. For other uses, see Punch drunk (disambiguation). Chronic traumatic encephalopathy ( CTE) is a neurodegenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head. The encephalopathy symptoms can include behavioral problems, mood problems, and problems with thinking

CTID. Chaudronnerie Tuyauterie Industrielle de la Dordogne (French: Dordogne Industrial Piping and Boilermaking; Dordogne, France) CTID. Centre for Tropical and Infectious Diseases (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; UK) CTID. Churches Together in Daventry (UK) CTID California Translation International (CTI) has the expertise and resources to assist you in all of your language needs worldwide. Based out of Walnut Creek, California, CTI uses only professionally trained linguists and interpreters, highly qualified with many years of experience in the fields of technology, law, medicine, mental health, social services, education an As you probably know, taking the FAA medical exam is a process every would-be pilot has to undergo - and it's something you can expect to do throughout your flying career. After all, you can't learn to fly until you hold a third-class FAA medical certificate. However, taking the FAA medical exam shouldn't be a source of worry! Here's. Note how the CTI taxonomy looks more like an IT organizational structure than a definition of required support. This is a key failure when using CTI. It is easy to fall into this CTI trap if you lose sight of the fact that Classification and Initial Support is only to understand the support required. Overloading classification with too much technical direction reduces the effectiveness of.

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  1. About CTI BioPharma Corp. We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of novel targeted therapies for blood-related cancers that offer a unique benefit to patients and their healthcare providers. We concentrate our efforts on treatments that target blood-related cancers where there is an unmet medical need. In particular, we are focused on evaluating pacritinib, our sole product candidate currently in active late-stage.
  2. alis atrii dextri ist eine anatomische Struktur im Herzen. 2 Anatomie. Die Crista ter
  3. For the last 25 years the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. We are excited to share that CTI is now the Co-Active Training Institute: creating a new language of leadership
  4. Medical-Psychological Assessment: siehe Medizinisch-Psychologische Untersuchung: MPA: Mikroskopische Polyangiitis mPAP Mittlerer pulmonal arterieller Druck (mean pulmonary artery pressure) MPBetV: Medizinprodukte-Betreiberverordnung MPE: Medizinphysik-Experte: Synonym: Medizinphysiker: MPG: Medizinproduktegesetz MPH: Methylphenidat MPM.
  5. unclassified CTI resident on or transiting through contractor's unclassified networks. It also prescribes reporting to DoD certain cyber incidents that affect this information. Q: When must the contractor implement DFARS Clause 252.204-7012? A: When CTI is present on a contractor's system the controls must be in place. Q: What is Unclassified Controlled Technical Information (CTI)? A.

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  1. CT, or CAT scans, are special X-ray tests that produce cross-sectional images of the body using X-rays and a computer. CT scans are also referred to as computerized axial tomography. CT was developed independently by a British engineer named Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and Dr. Alan Cormack. It has become a mainstay for diagnosing medical diseases. For their work, Hounsfield and Cormack were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in 1979
  2. Overview. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is the term used to describe brain degeneration likely caused by repeated head traumas. CTE is a diagnosis made only at autopsy by studying sections of the brain.. CTE is a very rare disorder that is not yet well understood.CTE is not related to the immediate consequences of a late-life episode of head trauma
  3. Check out What does CTI mean? along with list of similar terms on definitionmeaning.com CTI Stands For : Carpenter Tools International | Chartered Translators Ireland | City Taxi Institute | Columbia Tristar Interactive | Compucentre Toronto | Complete And Total Integration | Chartered Translators Ireland | Customer Trade Indicator | Cathay Intl Ld | Chart Industrie
  4. AT-CTI - Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative 187 were donated in February This month, we are on track to donate 189 home recent additions webmaster page banners feed a chil
  5. CTI-CEM International Ltd is an EU Notified Body (No. 2845) providing accredited third party conformity assessment services to the applicable EU directives and standards. The company is affiliated with a team of experts, based in various countries and regions in the world, who have years of experience in different EU directives. This allows us to provide a one-stop solution for clients of all.
  6. The MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) works across the state of Maine to address tobacco use and exposure through education, prevention, policy, treatment and training initiatives

Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is a time-limited evidence-based practice that mobilizes support for society's most vulnerable individuals during periods of transition. It facilitates community integration and continuity of care by ensuring that a person has enduring ties to their community and support systems during these critical periods. CTI has been applied with veterans, people with. CTi Token Listed on KuCoin Exchange. ClinTex is extremely proud to announce that the CTi token (CTI) is now available on KuCoin! About KuCoin Founded in September 2017, KuCoin has grown into one of the Read more. 15/09/2020 COVID-19 Clinical Data Explosion: The Need for Intelligence in Clinical Trials. The volume and speed of data generation during the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. The definition of computer telephony integration (CTI) is a term that can be used to describe any technology that enables computers to interact with telephones. This technology is primarily used in call centers and is often used to describe desktop interactions that improve human agents' productivity Critical Time Intervention (CTI) (State-Funded) Service Definition and Required Components Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is an intensive 9 month case management model designed to assist adults age 18 years and older with mental illness who are going through critical transitions, and who hav

The inductive technology used in the medical joystick makes it the most reliable and durable joystick with a mean time between failure (MTFB) exceeding 100,000 hours. CTI' medical joystick is the preferred choice when reliability is critical™ to the success of your medical / cleanroom device. Medical / Cleanroom Joysticks. Stages of Manufacture OEM F1000-N2W OEM F1000-N24W OEM F1000-N3W OEM. CTIC. - Commercial Preparations Underway to Support Potential Approval and Launch of Pacritinib in the United States in 2021 -. SEATTLE, March 31, 2021/PRNewswire/ -- CTI BioPharma Corp. (Nasdaq.

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Define comparative. comparative synonyms, comparative pronunciation, comparative translation, English dictionary definition of comparative. Comparative adjectives are adjectives that compare differences between the attributes of two nouns. These are often measurements, such as height, weight,... Comparative - definition of comparative by The Free Dictionary. https://www.thefreedictionary.com. Cooperation on extradition: The Convention enables and facilitates cooperation among States on extradition of those suspected of or responsible for offences of torture by establishing a scheme of cooperation. States have an obligation not to expel, refoul or extradite any person to where they may risk torture


CTI BioPharma Corp. (Nasdaq: CTIC) (CTI), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of novel targeted therapies covering a spectrum of blood. CTI Professional Flight Training Academy is an FAA Part 141 approved flight academy with locations near Memphis, TN and Fort Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in customized, hands-on training programs with cutting-edge technology and proven teaching methods. For over 25 years, CTI has developed advanced training solutions for the Department of Defense, NATO, Lockheed Martin, and the US Air Force. CTS GmbH der weltweit führende Spezialist in der Herstellung und dem Vertrieb von Umweltsimulationsgeräte Although rare, the contrast material can cause medical problems or allergic reactions. Most reactions are mild and result in a rash or itchiness. In rare instances, an allergic reaction can be serious, even life-threatening. Tell your doctor if you've ever had a reaction to contrast material. How you prepare . Depending on which part of your body is being scanned, you may be asked to: Take off.

CT scan definition is - a cross-sectional, three-dimensional image of an internal body part produced by computed tomography chiefly for diagnostic purposes —called also CAT scan. How to use CT scan in a sentence CTI Foods Holding Co., LLC is located in Meridian, ID, United States and is part of the Meat Product Manufacturing Industry. CTI Foods Holding Co., LLC has 2000 total employees across all of its locations and generates $683.13 million in sales (USD). There are 15 companies in the CTI Foods Holding Co., LLC corporate family Das UL Thermoplastics Testing Center gehört zu den weltweit führenden Anbietern in den Bereichen Compoundierung, Probekörperherstellung sowie Prüfung und Zertifizierung von innovativen Kunststoffen wie Polyolefinen bis hin zu thermoplastischen Hochleistungskunststoffen supply because it can cover most of medical applications. MEAN WELL has a board range of MOPP and MOOP power supplies with output power from 5~600Watt with different style, e.g. metal-enclosed, open-frame, on-board or external adaptor. Please contact MEAN WELL authorized distributors or sale representatives for more information. Author: Leo Cheong Created Date: 5/12/2015 2:50:06 PM. comparative tracking index cti definition in English dictionary, comparative tracking index cti meaning, synonyms, see also 'comparative judgment',comparative psychology',comparatively',comparativeness'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionar

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Comparative tracking index (CTI) is used to assess the relative resistance of insulating materials to tracking. The CTI expressed as that voltage which causes tracking after 50 drops of 0.1 percent ammonium chloride solution have fallen on the material. The results of testing the nominal 3 mm thickness are considered representative of the material's performance in any thickness CTI (communications) Computer Telephone Integration. CTI (education) Computers in Teaching Initiative. A UK government scheme. This article is provided by FOLDOC - Free Online Dictionary of Computing (foldoc.org) CTI(Computer Telephone Integration) Combining data with voice systems in order to enhance telephone services. For example, automatic number. Value-based care can mean vastly different things to different audiences, but the essential component is that reimbursement is somehow tied to the perceived value of services provided (quality, affordability, etc.). On one end of the spectrum, a value-based arrangement may look a lot like pure fee-for-service with a quality incentive tied to it. On the other end of the spectrum, this could. CAT: Meaning Category; CAT: Computerized axial tomography: healthcare: CAT: Crisis Action Team: Airforce: CAT: Community Acceptance Testing: Acronym: CAT: Computer.

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  1. CTI welcomes comments from the public and will review them for incorporation in future versions. Preparing for New Technologies To enable CMS to more efficiently identify high value technologies and services that will improve healthcare quality and the lives of Medicare beneficiaries, CTI is facilitating open lines of communication to better prepare for medical innovations
  2. corpus delicti: [noun] the substantial and fundamental fact necessary to prove the commission of a crime
  3. Medical records of patients ≤26 years old receiving CD19 CAR T-cell infusion (CTI) at a single institution between 2014 and 2017 were reviewed. The number of infections per 100 days-at-risk (infection density) in the 90 days preceding and 0-28 and 29-90 days after CTI was calculated. Poisson regression and Cox analyses were utilized to identify risk factors for infections. Results.
  4. CTI concentrates its efforts on treatments that target blood-related cancers where there is an unmet medical need. In particular, CTI is focused on evaluating pacritinib, its sole product.
  5. /PRNewswire/ -- CTI BioPharma Corp. (Nasdaq: CTIC) today announced that it has commenced a rolling New Drug Application (NDA) submission to the U.S. Food and..
  6. CTI BioPharma Forward-Looking Statements. Statements included in this press release that are not historical in nature are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking.
  7. On the social news website Reddit, a newly-enlisted CTI inquired in the subreddit, r/newtothenavy as to what life as a CTI is like. A 10-year CTI veteran answered him: I've been a CTI for about ten years now. I've deployed on subs which absolutely did mean spending 12 hours in a dark room either translating or listening to white noise.

After surgery, patients will receive the drugs for 1 year (Nivolumab/matching placebo every 4 weeks through a vein) or until they withdraw their consent (meaning they no longer want to take part in the study); can no longer tolerate the study treatment or their cancer gets worse. They will have follow-up visits after the end of their treatment. These visits are mainly to check the patient is. Illness (CTI) ☐ Was the initial physician certification of terminal illness (CTI) statement signed by the attending (if applicable) and the hospice . medical director ora hospice physician member of the IDG within two days of care being initiated (that is by the end of the third day), but no earlier than 15 days prior to the certification period

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CTI Model Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is a time-limited evidence-based practice that mobilizes support for society's most vulnerable individuals during periods of transition. It facilitates community integration and continuity of care by ensuring that a person has enduring ties to their community and support systems during these critical periods A computed tomography (CT) scan of the heart is an imaging method that uses x-rays to create detailed pictures of the heart and its blood vessels. This test is called a coronary calcium scan when it is done to see if you have a buildup of calcium in your heart arteries. It is called CT angiography if it is done to look at the arteries that bring. The Medical Motion Controller using CTI' USB FlightStick technology is a USB HID Compliant Game Control device. The OEM F10U6T-NxW and F60U6T-NxW series is the perfect control solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers of medical devices. The Plug-n-Play NEMA 4X (IP66) water resistant M20U6T-NxW series offers the Systems Integrator a convenient handheld medical motion controller. The parylene coating on these USB motion controllers offers the toughest molecular barrier protection ensuring.

Important Medical staff sometimes use the same abbreviations to mean different things. If you find an abbreviation confusing, contact your doctor, nurse or pharmacy Many IT Service Management tools that offer Incident management automation use a simple Category/Type/Item (CTI) for classification. CTI is a three-tiered approach of defining Category, a Type associated with the Category, and an Item associated with the Type. One popular approach suggests that Category and Type be nouns, and Item be a verb

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Optimize blood and intracellular levels of vitamin C. Dramatically increase bio-availability (up to 800% or more) without increasing your dose size. Avoid gastric discomfort, the diarrhea, and increased urination that prove most of your large doses of vitamin C are headed for the sewer. And much, much more The novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS‐CoV)‐2, has been identified as the causative pathogen of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19). 1 - 4 This disease has been called a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) Emoji Meaning A capsule of medicine. Generally depicted at a 45° angle, half red, half yellow. Commonly used for content concerning 18.5 Million CTi tokens (over $1m USD in value) will be distributed directly to all participants that take part in the CTi staking program. This is a single asset staking program which means that unlike most DeFi pools, you only need CTi to earn these high yield rewards.You just send your CTi to the staking pool and once your selected staking term is up, you collect your capital plus your earnings reward Definition of Critical to Quality (CTQ): The internal critical quality parameters that relate to the wants and needs of the customer. They are not the same as CTCs (critical to customer), and the two are often confused

The latter problem was solved in 1998 with the hybridization of PET with CT by David W. Townsend, Ph.D, at the University of Pittsburgh and Ron Nutt, Ph.D., then president of CTI PET systems. This flung wide open the flood gates for metabolic/anatomic imaging of cancer patients in the early 2000s. The first prototype PET/CT scanner, designed and built by CTI PET Systems in Knoxville, Tenn. Key Characteristic - Definition. A Key Characteristic (KC) is a feature of a material, process, or part (includes assemblies) whose variation within the specified tolerance has a significant influence on product fit, performance, service life, or manufacturability. Identification and Maintenance of CSIs . The determination of a CSI and related Critical Characteristics is the responsibility of. Cost Accounting Definition Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company's total cost of production by assessing its variable and fixed costs. mor Telemedicine, thoughtfully integrated into a care model, can expand capabilities and reach across a medical group, supporting specialists, behavioral health providers, pharmacists, and care managers, making the most of limited resources. Imagine your own practice of the future in which all these access points are available, virtually and in-person, seamlessly integrated, and supporting physician and patient in creating the best possible outcomes. Would that be a compelling.

Myelofibrosis patients with severe thrombocytopenia have limited treatment options, creating a significant area of unmet medical need. About CTI BioPharma Corp. We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of novel targeted therapies for blood-related cancers that offer a unique benefit to patients and their healthcare providers CTI BioPharma Corp., a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of novel targeted therapies for blood-related cancers in the United States. It develops pacritinib, an investigational oral kinase inhibitor with specificity for JAK2, FLT3, IRAK1, and CSF1R, which is in Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of adult patients with myelofibrosis. It has license and collaboration agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.; S. Introduction. This document describes how to integrate Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) using switchport phone tracking. This document is written by a Cisco TAC engineer and it does not replace the need to reference the configuration and design guides. Sections with examples represent a possible setup. Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. 40 Liberty Boulevard Malvern, PA 19355 United States of America. Please call us anytime 24/7. Phone: 888-826-9702. 1 The Dosimetry Research Tool shown in the image is an Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use. This device is exclusively for clinical investigations. This Investigational Device does not fulfill.

CTI / Kriechwegbildung nach ASTM D3638; CTI / Kriechwegbildung nach IEC 60112; Hochspannungskriech-stromfestigkeit (IPT) High-Current Arc Ignition (HAI) Wärmeformbeständigkeit. Vicat; Wärmeformbeständig-keitstemperatur; Kugeleindruck; Physikalische. Dimensionsänderung nach Wasserlagerung; Thermische Alterung. Lastlose Warmluftlagerung (RTI) Künstliche Bewitterun The Comparative Tracking Index or CTI is used to measure the electrical breakdown (tracking) properties of an insulating material. Comparative tracking index is expressed as that voltage which causes tracking afte This does not mean that health issues will result, but any CT scans should be noted on the child's medical record. In some cases, only a CT scan can show the required results. For some.

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